Charcoal Face Mask

Charcoal Face Mask

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Made by best quality ingredients and plants

Charcoal Black Mask Contains unique ingredients that work together in harmony to provide multiple functions for its blackheads gentle-removal and powerful extraction, easily remove pore-clogged dirt and acne caused oil.


Deep Cleansing

Effectively purify and smooth your skin with its extraordinary absorption powers, activated charcoal black peel-off mask works great to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, impurities, dirt, and excess oil.

Gentle Removal Formulation

Infused with juniperus communis and saponaria officinalis nourishing ingredients, this mild formula unclogs pores to lead out blemishes and excess oil. It is completely non-irritating to sensitive skin.

Smooth Skin 

The incredible charcoal black mask eliminates blackheads, brightens, and refines your skin by deeply cleansing and nourishing, bringing you an energetic glowing look.

For any type of skin

Highest quality treatment Peel Off Mask is suitable for all skin types, both men and women. Perfect for oily combination skin and no more stubborn blackheads and acne.


How to Use

Apply a warm towel on your face to properly open the pores, then apply the Charcoal oil on your face. Wait about 15-20 minutes and gently remove the mask from bottom to top, and wash it with warm water. After the skin is dry, apply products that tighten pores. Do not use if you have damaged,inflamed or burned skin.